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The Belvedere Sports Park is a government-owned space that is being developed for multiple sports. The park houses the following sports possibilities. The main field is developed for football, pony league baseball & softball. A basketball, Volleyball court. Also, a community space which includes a gazebo & a bocce ball court. The Cruyff Court is also part of this park. During the Kingdom games in 2005, then State Secretary of Sports Clémence Ross-Van Dorp donated a Cruyff Court to each island in the Netherlands Antilles. In November 2007, baseball legend Hamilton Richardson and Johan Cruyff Opened the court that is located in Belvedere, St. Maarten. The Cruyff Court in Belvedere is, after its inauguration five-and-a-half years ago still in a more or less pristine condition, and is used by amongst other, the residents of Belvedere, and other sporting organizations, and the school soccer competition is also held at that facility.