Facility damage due to heavy rains

Facility damage due to heavy rains

Like many islands in the region, St. Maarten has had its share of flooding and of course with flooding comes water damage.

These images were recorded by NSI after the heavy rains this past weekend.


Minimal water damage were visible at this particular facility. Rainwater blew in through the cracks of the emergency door and hurricane shutters adjacent to Walter Nisbeth Rd.

No major water damage was visible, except for the usual area of concern, which is the entrance of the facility.

The infield became saturated and took on quite a bit of water. As a result, all basketball and softball games were cancelled for the weekend.

The office at the poll experienced some water, that entered through the windows. The existing structure around the windows needs urgent repair. The wooden structure took in some water. The main office suffered minimal water damage. The western side of the facility suffered a lot of damage, especially the storerooms, the bar, and the restrooms.