John Cooper Jose Lake Ballpark’s basketball court renovated by SMMC

John Cooper Jose Lake Ballpark’s basketball court renovated by SMMC

The basketball court of John Cooper Jose Lake Ballpark, (JCJL) was renovated by the SMMC in light of an agreement between the Government of Sint Maarten and the SMMC.

The SMMC during the construction of the new medical centre will be using the basketball court at the Raoul Illidge Sport Complex (RISC) for parking and medical purposes. In exchange for this possibility, the basketball court at the JCJL that had needed renovation was restored by the SMMC.

The Honourable Minister of ECYS, drs. Rudolphe Samuel was present for the handing over of the basketball court by the director of SMMC Dr. Holliday.

The court will be managed by the National Sports Institute (NSI), who on behalf of government is managing and maintaining the sports facilities owned by government.

The court is open for use by schools in the morning hours and the community of Sint Maarten, especially the community in the Cull de Sac area after school hours.

The stakeholders in this project are the Ministry of ECYS, the Sports Department, NSI and the SMMC. Each stake holder was represented by their respective heads and their team.


In the photo: From left to right: Ms. Richardson- Head Sports Department; Dr. Holliday-director SMMC; drs. Samuel-Minister ECYS; Mr. Irion-Minster Finance; Mr. Cornet-director NSI; Mr. Hodge-Facility Manager NSI.