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The main indoor sports facility. This facility was named after Mr. Lionel Bernard Scott. The history of what’s today the Lionel Bernard Scott Sports Auditorium started in 1971 with the building of an outdoor basketball court by Island Gem Enterprises. In the following years, this site was also used as the venue for a variety of community events. In 1985 the land was transferred to the Basketball Association and two years later in 1987, businessman and sports enthusiast, Mr. Don Hughes took the lead in the building of the Great Bay Sports Auditorium which was financed with a loan from Bank of Nova Scotia.

The Island Government of St. Maarten then subsidized the upkeep of the sports Auditorium for several years thereafter for schools and the community at large to utilize the facility for sports and other activities and events.

In 1998 the island Government of St. Maarten made a decision to purchase the auditorium from Mr. Don Hughes, and in mid-1999 the venue was selected for the Kingdom games, and sought funds to repair and further upgrade the facility, which is today called “The L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium”.

The LBSA houses the following sports; Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Futsal, indoor hockey, boxing, martial arts etc. It is also utilized for social events. Additionally, it is on the government’s list of shelters.

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