Sports Institute launches anti-vandalism campaign

Sports Institute launches anti-vandalism campaign

“Let’s Take Care Of Our Sports Facilities. Help Keep Our Facilities Intact & Safe For Our Children,” is the message from The National Sports Institute (NSI), as they launched their anti-vandalism campaign at the Melford Hazel Sports Centre on Friday.

Featuring prominently in the campaign is a banner that reads in part “Don’t Be A Zero, Be A Hero.” The campaign will be ongoing through the 2022 sports year, with radio programs, social media exposure, and the culmination of an anti-vandalism walk-a-thon.

“The NSI has been seeing an increase in the vandalism & destruction and even theft at the sports facilities,” said Mike Cornet, Director of NSI which is responsible for the managing and maintaining of the government-owned sports facilities on St. Maarten.

“NSI wishes to bring the awareness to the community, that the sports facilities are meant for the use by the community, and therefore should be cared for by the community.”
NSI is asking the communities of St. Maarten to become more vigilant and assist the NSI in maintaining safe and intact sports facilities for all by being vigilant, speaking out to the youngsters or calling the authorities when encountering these incidents.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, drs. Rudolphe Samuel endorses this endeavor and pledges full support to the campaign.