Three teams still undefeated in Netball Championship

Three teams still undefeated in Netball Championship

fter four weeks of play in the Interscholastic Primary School Netball Championship three teams remain undefeated.

In Pool A Hillside Christian is in first place with a record of four games played and no loss. In Pool B MAC JAG is 4-0 and Seventh-Day Adventist 3-0.
Action continued at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on Sunday.

In the first match of the afternoon St. Joseph won by default as MLK could not field a full squad and forfeited. In accordance to the competition rules St. Joseph will be given ten (10) goals and the five (5) points for the win.

In the second match St. Dominic faced off with Leonald Connor. Leonald Connor won 9-3. The score per quarter was St. Dominic-Leonald Connor 1-5, 1-6, 1-8 and 1-9. For Leonald Connor GS Trinitie Bell scored 5 goals and GA Teshagay Bromfield scored 4. For St. Dominic GA Makaila Lake scored 3 goals.

The third match was between Oranje School and Seventh-Day Adventist. SDA remained undefeated in 3 matches after winning 9-1. The quarterly scores were Oranje-SDA 0-4,1-7, 1-7 and 1-9. For Oranje Nyla Illis scored 1 goal. SDA GA Nascika Richards scored 7 and GS Justin Gelay scored 2 goals.

Match number 4 was between Marie Laurence and Hillside Christian. Hillside Christian gave a netball clinic scoring 31 goals and keeping ML to only one. The partials per quarter were HC-ML 8-1, 16-1, 21-1 and the fourth quarter 31-1. HC’s GS Sina Delice scored 16 goals and her teammate GA Aljenee Henry scored 15. GA Abigail Smith scored the only goal for ML.

Match number 5 was between MAC JAG and Ruby Labega. MAC JAG strong offense and defense resulted in them winning with the score 30-0.GS Ruth Paul and GA Tyler Timothy showed their skills in scoring respectively 22 and 8. Per quarter the score was as follows MAC JAG-Ruby Labega 8-0, 15-0, 20-0 and 30-0.
The 6th match was between Leonald Connor and Sr. Borgia. Sr. Borgia won their second match of the tournament 15-2. M.G. The scores per quarter were Borgia-LC 6-0, 11-1, 13-2 and 15-2. Sr. Borgia GS Kaylee Thomas and GA Zephaniah Busropan scored respectively 8 and 7 goals. Leonald Connor GS Teshagay Bromfield and GA Trinitie Bell each scored 1 goal.

IN the seventh match MAC JAG continued their undefeated streak by defeating St. Joseph 23-4. MAC JAG GS Ruth Paul continued with her hot scoring with 16 goals and GA Tyler Timothy scored 7 goals. For St. Joseph GS Danaysha Richinsin scored all 4 goals. The quarter-per-quarter scores were MAC JAG-St. Joseph 7-1, 12-3, 16-4 and 23-4.

After four weeks of play Ruth Paul (MAC JAG) takes the lead on the scorers list with 53 goals and Ms. Henry, Aljenee (Hillside Christian) drops to second place with 43 goals, followed by her teammate Ms. Delice, Sina 39, Ms. Tyler Timothy (MAC JAG) with 30 and Kaylee Thomas (Sr. Borgia) 20 etc. as can be seen in the High scorer’s Table.


Courtesy of the Daily Herald News Paper