Against all odds, the Caribbean sporting community descended upon the  Stade Des Abymes in Guadeloupe for what has been coined the Games that united the region.

The youth and young people of Guadeloupe and the Caribbean united to celebrate the realization of a long-held dream of Caribbean Unity. Seven sports, scores of U23 athletes from 30 Caribbean countries. The innovation of an Esports competition( GIGA/CANOC Esport Series) alongside the Games asserts the embrace of a contemporary articulation of sport – Inclusion rather than exclusion.

The enchantment and creative interpretation of the Conch Shell relay symbolize emancipation, freedom, and resistance, and it carries significant historical and cultural meaning and relevance for the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Games is ours. It truly represents our history, our soul our genes.


Games Director Julien Chipotel on being charged with pulling the historic games together “The craziest, yet MOST fulfilling experience of my life !

The last 10 days, I saw my people of Guadeloupe come together, volunteers, entrepreneurs, strangers, sponsors with one common goal: MAKE HISTORY !

I cannot recall how many strangers told us not to give up, gave us furnitures, fruits, anything for free without asking for nothing but just to help GUADELOUPE succeed.

For the 1st time in my life, I feel like, I, among others, contributed to Guadeloupe’s success and the feeling is unmatched. I have been to Rio Olympics, London Olympics, World Cup in Brazil but to do it at HOME ? with MY PEOPLE ? Incredible.

We made it – as much as THEY did not want us to make it – and we made it even BIGGER than I would have ever dreamed of.

Thank you everyone – people will remember that teenagers, 20yos, 30yos Guadeloupean kids were in command when the Caribbean Games finally came to life. It ain’t about you, it ain’t about me, it’s about Guadeloupe. Always.”


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